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   Premium Tokens

& Chips

Listed below are various Nevada Promotional, Free play, and Premium tokens and chips.

To purchase anything on this page contact me by clicking on the word email and list your requests or questions.  

Casino Description Price
Bally's Free Slot- No cash value $2.00
Barbary Coast No Cash Value $2.00
Barney's Slot Machine- 25 points $2.00
Barney's Slot Machine- 50 points $2.00
Bonanza Square Free Token $2.00
Bourbon Street Free Play Dubloon $2.00
Cal Neva Lodge Premium Token $3.00
Club Bingo 10 Cent Bingo Games $2.00
Club Cal Neva One Drink $1.50
Coin Castle Free Play Hot Stamp $1.50
Comstock Premium Token $2.00
El Morocco Free Play One Dollar $2.00
Flamingo Capri $1 Free Slot Play $2.00
Four Queens Reel Winners Club $2.00
Friendly Fergie's 5 Free Lucky Jackpot Nickels $4.00
Frontier Hotel Blackjacks- Free Rooms $2.00
Gold Club Good Luck Horseshoe $3.00
Gold Dust Free Drink- Wooden $2.00
Gold Dust Free Drink- Yellow- Hot Stamp $2.00
Gold Dust Win up to $500- No Cash Value $2.00
Golden Nugget Free Play One Dollar $2.00
Hacienda Free Play Token $2.00
Harrah's Club Free Drink Token $2.00
Harrah's Medallion "A Great Time" $2.00
Harvey's Wagon Wheel Free Drink- Red Hot Stamp $3.00
Honest John's 5 Free Lucky Jackpot Nickels $4.00
Kings 8 Free Play $2.00
Lady Luck Free Phone Call $2.00
Landmark Free Slot Pull $2.00
Las Vegas Club 49c Breakfast & Good Luck $2.00
Little Caesars Lucky Ducat $2.50
Marina Hotel 1 Free Play - No Cash Value $2.00
The Mint Premium Token $2.00
Mizpah Hotel Free Drink $3.00
Moneytree Free Play  Hot Stamp $2.00
Mr. Sy's $1 Super Jackpot  Non-Negotiable $3.00
Nevada Club Free Play   No Cash Value $3.00
Nevada Club Super Jackpot  Non- Negotiable $4.00
Nugget John Ascuagas Free Drink - Green $3.00
Nugget John Ascuagas Free Drink -  Red $3.00
Paddlewheel Non- Negotiable  Game Token $3.00
Palace Club Free Drink - Yellow $3.00
Peppermill Slot Play  Non-Negotiable $3.00
Primadonna Celebrates  Bicentennial $3.00
Ramada Express No Cash Value $2.00
Reno Ramada 25c Credit 2nd Chance Slot  $3.00
Rio Hotel Club Rio Free Play $3.00
Riverside Resort Free Play  No Cash Value $3.00
Sahara $1 Free Slot Play  Brass $3.00

$1 Free Slot Play  Aluminum

Sands Hotel Free Slot Play $3.00
Shy Clown

Free Slot Play  No Cash Value

Silver Bird Hotel

Free Slot Play  No Cash Value

Silver Bird Hotel Good Luck Horseshoe $3.00
Silver City  Good Luck Horseshoe $3.00
Silver Spur 10 Jackpot Gift Points $3.00
Stardust Good Luck Souvenir $3.00
Sundowner Hotel

Free Slot Play  No Cash Value

The Treasury Steel- No Cash Value $3.00
Vegas  World Steel- No Cash Value $3.00
Westward Ho Free Play Win 500  Black $2.00
Westward Ho Free Play Win 500  Green $2.00
Westward Ho Free Play Win 500  Red $2.00
Westward Ho Free Play Win 500  Yellow $2.00
The Wheel  Free Play $2.00
$1 Dollar Steel Non- Negotiable $3.00

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