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Nevada Route Tokens

Please Read

   A lot of these tokens are becoming obsolete even though they are only a few years old! The current  trend for the bars, stores, and restaurants  in Nevada are to go to the coinless machines that payout in paper tickets. It is much easier and requires less maintenance for the owners. So unfortunately it is gaining favor and eliminating the need for the coin video poker and slot machines. In the near future these tokens will become harder to acquire as they are taken out of play and general circulation.  With a limited amount of tokens available this will play a major factor in increasing the value of these tokens. 

The condition of most of these tokens are in a very good to uncirculated!  Please take some time to go thru my list.  To purchase anything on this page contact me by clicking on the word email and list your requests or questions. For additional information on the condition and how I graded these tokens click here. 

Last update Oct. 19, 2009


Casino City Year Mint Shape Price
7-11 Bar & Grill 2520 S. Arville LV (1993) CT Unc $5.00
Albertson's (Anchor Coin) LV 1990 NCM Unc $6.00
Albertson's Stores (Cardivan Co.) Reno (1993) CT AU $6.00
  Algiers 2845 LV Blvd. LV (1995) CT Unc $6.00
Algiers 2845 LV Blvd. LV (1995) CT Good $4.00
Andy Capz Pub 1631 N. Decatur LV (1991) CT Typ-1 AU $5.00
Bailey's 4341 N. Rancho LV (1999) RWM Good $4.00
Ball Park Lounge 7380 S. Eastern LV (1995) GDC Unc $6.00
  Big Dogs Bar & Grill 1511 N. Nellis LV 1991 No MM Unc $6.00
Black Mountain Grill 11021 S. Eastern Ave. Hend (2000) RWM AU $5.00
Blue Ox Tavern 5826 W. Sahara LV (1996)/1989 G Unc $6.00
The Boston Grill & Bar 3417 S. Jones LV (1994) CT Unc  $6.00
Butch Cassidy's 1525 E. Tropicana LV (1997) OC Unc $5.00
Cadillac Grille 2801 N. Tenaya LV (1994)/1989 LM Unc $6.00
Cafe Michele LV (1995) CT Unc $5.00
The Cave 5740 W. Charleston LV (1994) CT Unc $5.00
Charlie's Down Under 1950 N. Buffalo Dr. LV (1995) NCM Unc $5.00
Chuckster's 4632 S. Maryland Pkwy. LV (1994) CT Unc $6.00
Club Hotel by Doubletree 7250 Pollack Dr. LV (1999) OC Unc $5.00
Club Monaco 1487 E. Flamingo Rd. LV (1995) GDC Unc $6.00
Club Monaco 1487 E. Flamingo Rd. LV (1997) GDC Unc $5.00
  Colt Service Center (Broadways) Battle Mountain (1998) CT Unc $5.00
Crown Billiards 3360 E. Flamingo LV (1997) NCM Unc $5.00
  Decatur Express 2650 S. Decatur LV (1995) CT Unc $6.00
The Depot Highway 50 Dayton (1996) GDC AU $5.00
Doc Holliday's Saloon 5110 S. Valley View LV (1996) OC Unc $5.00
Duck Inn 2839 W. Sahara LV (1987) NCM Good $4.00
  El Cortez Lounge 239 W. 2nd Reno (1996)/1989 NCM Unc $6.00
Ferdinald's LV (1991) CT-Mini AU $5.00
The Free Throw 5749 Boulder Hwy. LV (1992) CT AU $5.00
GeeBees Bar & Grill 8550 S. Las Vegas Blvd. LV (1996) CT Unc $6.00
Gold Rush 1195 W. Sunset Hend (1995) GDC Unc $6.00
Gold Rush 1195 W. Sunset Hend (1995) GDC AU $5.00
Go West 208 E. Sahara LV (1997) CT Unc $5.00
  Hamdog's Bar & Eatery Highway 395 Gard (1996) CT Unc $9.00
Hampton Inn 4975 S. Industrial LV (1999) RWM Unc $5.00
Harrigan's K Bar 3481 Hwy. 50 Carson City (1996) CT Unc $6.00
Idle Spurs Tavern 1113 S. Rainbow LV (1993) CT Unc $6.00
Instant Replay Sports Lounge 2460 W. Warm Springs LV (1991) CT Unc $6.00
Jake's Place 851 E. Moana Lane Reno (2002) RWM AU $5.00
Johnny Mac's Sports Bar & Grill 842 S. Boulder Hwy. Hend (1993) CT AU $5.00
Kopper Keg West 2257 S. Rainbow LV (1993) CT Unc $6.00
  Las Vegas Cue Club 953 E. Sahara LV (1994) CT Unc $5.00

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